How To Purchase Tefal-AW9500 Air Fryer Effectively For Newcomers

Currently on the market, there have a variety of air fryer along with numerous designs and style coming from different producers to meet the demands of the users. One of the most popular air fryers is Tefal-AW9500 thanks to its functions and compact design. But not everyone knows the technique in using this pot as well as will not buy if you not read this air fryer review. Simply follow this article; you can broaden your knowledge about this useful utensil for cooking to save time and energy without affecting the health of the whole member in your family.

Versatile Air Fryer Without Oil

Tefal AW9500 has electronic screen- France (Made in France). Owning a maximum capacity of 1400W and is equipped with cooking programs preinstalled, this versatile Tefal AW9500 air fryer will be the workhorse to help housewives in the preparation of delicious dishes and family nutrition. It is not just an ordinary electric pot; the surface of the product is covered with ceramic non-stick coating, which can be used as a convenient pan, allowing you to easily perform quick fried dishes with a little cooking oil. With its compact and modern design and functional installation of the cooking time convenient, the versatile Tefal AW9500 air fryer will gives you quick cooking methods, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Product Features


Besides the use of a cooker, Tefal AW9500 is also a handy frying pan. Products will support for fast heat transfer capability and will help food cooked faster. You can optionally install automatic cooking time, which is easy, time-saving, just more comfortable with the safety system voltage of this product.

Intelligent Design

Not only score by minimalist appearance as well as elegance, this product also offers the convenience of allowing you to set the time to cook the food, including the safety lock mode. Products with the ceramic nonstick coating senior will help curb energy use, food restriction, too much lube. Besides, with a versatile Tefal AW9500 air fryer, hygiene products work after your user also becomes quick and easy.

Easy To Use

Tefal AW9500 versatile air fryer has a LCD display to show modern cooking timer. The product is equipped with automatic power down after cooking, to ensure the safety of users, at the same time, it can keep the maturity and the food delicious taste.

Details About Versatile Tefal AW9500 Air Fryer

Tefal AW9500 air fryer has a  modern design, eleganc, which is designed and manufactured from the leading experts in France. Fryer oil with handy functions will make safety for your housework. Products can be called a pot, but it can be both a cooking pot and the fryer – just like you use a pan to fry (very handy), the surface is coated with a ceramic pot secured safety for your family’s health. Pot has a lid, which is clearly designed to help you c easily observe the food inside, along with a compact design and sophistication.

The Main Functions Of Tefal AW9500


Tefal AW9500 versatile air fryer not only helps you cook like an ordinary pot, but it also can cook the soup, porridge, fried foods, and especially pleased to be coated with a ceramic pot against senior stick, so you can fry food without using too much oil, which will help ensure the health of your family.

Creative Design

This air fryer is designed with automatic lid opening; the lid is designed to help you easily observe the food during cooking. In addition, with LCD display, you can observe the cooking time as well as adjust the cooking time accordingly. Also, it can control the temperature (170 ° C) to help preserve the nutritional value of food.

Convenient And Easy To Use

Tefal AW9500 air fryer has detachable parts, which makes it easy in hygiene after cooking. With the pre-installed functions, this cooking pot will automatically stop working to ensure nutrition and food safety for your family. All in all, it is very useful and easy to use.

For your reference, Steve Puu, an experienced chef in a well-known restaurant will give you some tips in cooking. If you want to make delicious taste for the food, simply put your heart and feeling during cooking. Then, the individuals can feel your expectation in the food. As well, remember to choose the high-end quality product coming from the brands with reputation to ensure the longevity for the air fryer.


An Overview For The Best Vacuum Sealer Performance

As a fact, the vacuum sealers are purchased by more family housewives for the family’s kitchen, for the purpose of storing fresh food longer. With the needed purpose, buy vacuum sealer becomes more commonly and also easily the price is affordable, sufficient to meet the needs of their vacuum. This article will evaluate you to buy household vacuum with the best kind available on the current market.


The vacuum sealer for the family use will price from 50$-500$, depending on the type, design and functionality of the machine. The majority of buyers are choosing the type of vacuum machines, which cost about 50-100$. With this cost, you can choose a good vacuum, meet the needs of everyday vacuum with the basic size.

Production Company

The majority of these types of vacuum families currently on the market are manufactured in Korea or China. So that, the number of companies producing this machine is quite diverse and changing every year. A few years, many customers have chosen vacuum machine DZ-300A, this is the kind of machine priced at just over 50$, which is quite easy to use, to vacuum the bag with the maximum size of 30cm.


Currently on the market, there are so many kinds of different vacuum sealer, so that the consumer is very difficult to choose. Many types of vacuum introduced including from Korea, Japan with the relatively high price. It cannot be denied that there is vacuum sealer from Korea, Japan, but actually not much.

The using xperience also shows that use vacuum machine manufactured in China is also pretty good operation, needs basic vacuum of most families.


The vacuum sealer units are warranted within 12 months at the place of purchase. Note that there is no genuine warranty, so you should order at the prestigious retail units to be offered the best warranty service.

As the vacuum sealer machine for family has not too implicated structure design so that the repairs when damage occurs quite are often remedied quickly. But, when you buy at the market, small shops, which are not under warranty, you absolutely can take a lot of the cost to replace or repair.

Some Caution When Using Vacuum Sealer

– Strong collision can be warped, buckled or broken machines, so you need to pay attention when handling and transporting.

– The Wires of the vacuum sealer has only about 1 meter long, so you must be prepared to use the power.

– After running for about 10-15 minutes, stop for a few minutes to avoid warm-up, if you work slowly, there is no need to stop.

– Vacuum sealer units work well in increasing the shelf life of food raw, cooked, and dried.

– The user must check before operating the machine, although it has fairly simple operation, if you do not learn skills, they can reduce the effectiveness or damage to the machine.

– Some machines are used for all kinds of plastic bags, as long as the correct size. Some machines can only be used with nylon bags come with the machine, if you choose this type of bag, the cost for purchasing will be much high at all.

The Benefit Of Vacuum Sealer Machine DZ-300A

– Accessible to all kinds of raw food, cooked differently.

– Machines are used easily by letting food into the attached bags and place in a vacuum, press and hold until the machine completes the process of sucking the air. Just put the nozzle into the hole located on the bag of food and suck the air out as possible preserved food.

The Advantages

– DZ-300A does not cocoon packaging; it can be also worked in any types of package.

– Comes with vacuum is pressed nylon bags for packaging food. Most of this vacuum packaging is reusable for several times after it has been washed, which saves the user.

– At first glance, it is like an office printer, but it is simple to use. Just press a button and hold until the machine completes the process air suction.

– Machine has small size, lightweight, weighing 2.4 kg.

If you want to use better this machine, you can get the reviews from the author of this article, Enelin Paas. She also adds some notes in the kitchen cooking. For cooking, you just learn the basic recipe, and then put your effort, time and love into the food. As well, after each use, you must take the hygiene carefully to keep it use for the long-term period.


Things You Need To Know When Using Philip HD 9220 Air Fryer

As can be easily seen, when using the frying pan to cook shrimp, it may absorb the certain amount of cooking oil, which may make you worried about the health problems. Therefore, the creation of air fryer will support you a lot to eat more healthy food without affecting too much to your health.

To purchase the best air fryer, you can read the honest reviews at FyerLand or just simply follow this article to master the know-how in making delicious meals for the whole members in your family.

Operating Principle

As relating to the air fryer, we can’t help mentioning the Philips HD 9229, which can be considered as one of the best cook in the kitchen appliances.

In terms of operation mechanism, this appliance uses the Rapid Air technology to cook the food through the air being heated up to 200 200 degrees C, and then rotates rapidly and strongly to all over the surface of the food via a side mounted propeller in the air fryer.

From that, the food can be cooked within 10-15 minutes. With the capacity of 1425W, it enables the pot to deeply cook all kinds of food, even the original pieces of thick grilled chicken in the fat oil pot.

Benefits For Health

During the food processing, the amount of cooking oil used for frying food is quite much at all, if the oil is not submerged, the crispy food will not be delicious, which may cause to waste the oil and gas to cook the food.

When you want to make the delicious fired chicken, often the thigh pieces of chicken with original form, with the conventional frying pan, they must cut the chicken into the small pieces to be quickly cooked and not runny inside the chicken.

As you will be more worried about the health problems when eating the fried chicken or fried shrimp, if you use the air fryer, it will help you more comfortable when eating the favorite foods without worrying the weight gain or be stuck with the aged diseases such as fat blood, obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Processing A Variety Of Foods

In addition to making the fried food such as fried chicken, spring rolls, nem chua fried, fries, shrimp coated with flour, the air fryer can utilize to grill sandwich, crispy biscuits, dry the food as dried jackfruit , dried coconut, dried fruit, peanuts, roasted sesame, roasted chestnuts in anywhere and anytime with just press one button.

Helping More Convenient Cooking

Thanks to the evenly cooked ability of the hot air stream, the air fryer can be used to make any utensils without using the direct heat materials like the cooking oil or sand, and it does not need to flip or split the food to ripen faster compared to the frying pan. The food will be cooked in the form of its natural ingredients, so the materials processed by the air fryer can keep the best nutrition or naturally delicious taste.

It takes for granted that we do not need to discuss about the usability of the air fryer, you just need to clean the food, then put them into the tray and press the timer button of fried cook to suit different kinds of materials. After a few times, you will become more familiar to make the right decision when setting the time for exact duration of every fried dish.

You will no longer wait to determine the time-baked anymore; instead, you can make use of this time to process other food. This benefit is specially necessary to help you save effort and time when you have to make a lot of dishes for the dining party, or hearty meal for the Tet holiday.

One more things you should note is the hygiene for the pot. The cleaning the tray after finishing cooking will become easier as you do not use the cooking oil to make the fried dishes. Besides, the design of the baking pan with the non-strict frying coating inside will help you to remove easily and clean gently. Even, this tray can be also put into the dishwasher.

My website is www.fryerland.com, supplies you the best reviews and knowledge to help you save time and have a right purchasing decision. We can help you determine the most appropriate fryer fitting your needs and budgets.


How To Use Air Fryer Effectively

Besides that particular phobia fried force you to use a large amount of oil to ensure deep fried and tasty dishes should issue cardiovascular disease, obesity…

Related to eating oily fat is inevitable should make the housewives are worried and wistfulness. So there is a product that help you fry food without being afraid, it is Philips air fryer review . Below are some tips we help you choose the best air fryer review.

Usability And User Efficiency Of Air Fryer

Air fryer help you, grilled dishes and tasty now becomes aromatic, fried or grilled with features not used for frying oil that retains delicious flavors of the dish.

The secret of the principles is to take the Air Rapid frying oil or fat of fried foods cooked it, with convection cooling fan hot air put spread panoramic slipped it in the pot, cooked food help without becoming or islands.

The fryer atmosphere there Air fryer food compartmental can help you bake or fry more food at the same time, or different types of food.

Innovative design impressive, holding the cool to the touch and has 2 colors for your option to black and white.

The temperature can be adjusted

Full temperature control can adjust the frying pan allows you to preset the best cooking temperature for your food up to 200 degrees. Enjoy these pieces of fried, golden and shining, snacks, chicken, meat and many other dishes – all of which are prepared in accordance to the correct temperature for best results!

Just 30-Minute Timer

Built-in timer allows you to set the frying pan before cooking time up to 30 minutes. Off function automatically include audio indicator “ready”.

Integrated air filter

Integrated air filter prevents odors and fumes when cooking, and keep your kitchen fresh and clean.

Safe for use with dishwasher

Removable drawer and food basket with anti-stick coating and washable in the dishwasher.

Rapid Air Technology

Rapid Air technology is patented inventions air fryer allows you to process the most delicious fried dishes contain less fat and 80% compared to conventional frying pan! Unique design combines hot air circulated rapidly and the grill allows you to fry many kinds of delicious fried food, snacks, chicken, meat and many other delicious dishes quickly and easily. Do you simply fry frying pot with air and generate low odor, and slightly more compared to traditional frying pot, easy to clean, and safe, as well as saving to use everyday!

Cooking Book

Air-fryer accompanied by cookbook compiled expert cooking, including recipes easy to prepare delicious dishes for 30, and has included tips and advice processing. Treat you and your family with chicken nugget dish, fish cakes, tapas, quiche and many other homemade dishes. With air fryer, you can make delicious dishes to feast with health benefits!

Advanced technology, ease of use

The vacuum fryer grill I55 modern owns Rapid Air technology, not only cooked foods quickly, keep the taste delicious, eye-catching colors, but also fell more than 80% of its refined oil surplus . Besides, you can also easily control, selection and processing pot timer operated via the controls on the camera body work to help cook convenient and easier.

It Is Versatile, Safe

The air fryer integrated processing ways different fried foods grilled with each separate temperature levels can help users create many different dishes such as fries, baked sweet potatoes, barbecue, popcorn or heating food. In particular, food container enamel coated nonstick help food from sticking to the pot, convenient in cleaning, preservation and health safety for the user.

Compact design, luxurious

The vacuum fryer has compact size enables users to easily move and placed in many different areas. In addition, ownership of the new rounded contours, colors, elegant, beauty products contribute more to your kitchen.

You can visit website FamilyNano to consult more product in your family. At that website introduce to you so much products, they are useful for your family. If you usually cook, I think this product is necessarily. It helps you cook so much and save much time to wait a dishes. On the other hand, it can fry without having oil. In that website introduce many product for you to choose, consider the product you should buy in your family.


The Best Subtract For You About Dehydrator

The best food dehydrator is quite popular devices currently used by the rapid drying of foods. In addition to food drying oven also has many uses other dried. The information below will help you understand more about food oven.

The food we eat every day there are many different ways of processing, but to preserve the long many people have chosen the form of dried food. But the food is dried but on color and taste remains the same. In particular nutrient content always guaranteed. With oven drying your food is absolutely no need for additional additives such as conventional production process, this helps ensure food safety and hygiene.

The Design Of Dehydrator

The dehydrator is designed with a variety of designs suitable for businesses or individuals. The dehydrator is made of stainless steel so it’s safe during the drying process, the trays are easily removable to facilitate to clean. Additionally, the entire remote control system is safe for the user.

Drying equipment is familiar to many food oven drying may be all kinds of other products such as dried herbs, dried fruits … However, to ensure consistent temperature manufacturers still recommend that we should use suitable drying temperature for each product. This product helps the drying is not affected too much during drying.

Food dryer to help you dry processing delicious dishes of meat, vegetables, fruit at home, keep the nutrients, toxic preservatives.

Some Famous Brands For This Product

On the market there are many types of food dryers, round or rectangular shape, with brands as Zelmer, Makxim USA, NESCO, SINBO … made in China, Poland, from four-nine trays ranked.

The machine has compact design, hard plastic body, capable of drying a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, nuts, meat, shrimp. The majority of machine-transparent plastic tray for easy monitoring when drying products, separate trays for drying convenience foods at the same time and also easy to clean.

Food wanted to first dried sliced steadily, not too thick. To form shells or cluster of fruits such as oranges, grapes, the small cup. Before drying, should handle fruits, food by poaches through hot water, salt water, helps to clean and keep food color, helps to stop metabolism of substances in food and disable ferment.

In addition, the blanching foods will cause the amount of water in the food to evaporate faster. Then, put food on trays, not superimposed coupling location to create heat and ventilation openings. Finally put the lid on, turn it on, adjust the temperature and capacity on demand, the machine will automatically dried food until the water completely separated but remain sugar, fiber and vitamins. For good dryer, food should not exceed 3/4 rating surface height trays and tray 1/4.

The Temperatures To Dry Food

Basically, the food dryers are the same, only a few differences such as temperature controllers, power and timer. With older machines, the temperature adjustment knob with conventional engine, adjust the temperature in the range of 400 to 700 C. Particularly newer machines, the temperature can be adjusted using buttons.

With 500W power the machine, there are two 250W or 500W level adjusted according to need drying. Some machines also have the self-timer up to 36 hours, with busy people, should choose to buy a machine with a timer to not be forgotten, burnt food drying.

There machine is equipped with thermal overload protection, when the temperature increases, the heating elements will automatically shut down and the fan remains active, the heating element work again when the temperature drops to normal. So, before you buy your food dryer, to note the differences to choose the appropriate product demand, increased utility when used.

Due to the low temperature dryer to dry for a long time, lasting at least six hours, sometimes up to 36 hours, depending on drying time desired dryness, if desired moisture dried food, the shorter drying time hard drying.

With this product, the work of preserving food is effective. You wont anxious about the problem of food that is spoil.

I am Daniel Thorn, a cook in a restaurant and i need the importance of preserving food to each family or in restaurant. This product is so necessary and need to have in each family. Because it helps our keep food for a long time without being anxious about the problem of spoiling. And from that, you will save much money in buying food and fruits.Good luck to you.  



The Best Tips For You After Using Meat Grinder

On the market today, there are many kinds of meat grinder for you to choose. A meat grinder including parts: lid, bowl containing the same substrate with rotating blades. Blades are the most important parts decide to 30% of the aircraft price. You should investors choose a meat grinder with blades made of stainless titanum and abrasion resistant bowl. Besides, for meat should ensure made of high quality plastic cover.

To choose a good meat grinder in family isn’t easy. You should consider some features and then choose the best meat grinder in your family.

The Capacity Of A Meat Grinder

Choose machines with an output of 400 W or more to process plant operators and meat was pureed smooth over but the machine has large capacity also means higher prices.

The Size Of A Meat Grinder

Choose to buy a machine with compact size and fit the needs of your family. Do not choose too big and bulky machines so will make your kitchen look cramped housing and sanitation work will take more time.

Sausage function: This is interesting functions and is used to cater for the baby of your family. The majority of blender always have this function. So if you choose to buy sausage grinder specialist department should choose hardy, persisting for assured long-term use.

Minced meat, ground meat is very easy to combine with other foods to create attractive dishes, delicious. But between the shopping chaos, cooking, kids, how was this time the meat hash? That the chopper markets often mixed with other meats and uncertainty, not to mention the risk of contamination is very high. So shopping is only a meat grinder

Meat grinder on the market is quite diverse, mostly second hand meat grinder line and an electric meat grinder. Meat grinder by hand crank to mobilize resources to run and blade screw, cheaper, family-friendly chopper needs not too big and not frequently used. Products drawback is no high safety especially in families with small children, in fact a lot of accidents happen from this machine.

The electric meat grinder with greater safety, more convenient, but more expensive than manually grind line. However, this is the choice of many housewives.

In the segment of electric meat grinder, the product family is used more versatile meat grinder, grind accompanied by functional foods, such as fruits, vegetables, easy to use and clean born. You remember that, for all kinds of family meat grinder, the electrical power consumption of 400W or more, so it is more efficient to use.

We would like to share with you homemaker those most meat grinder handy, easy to clean is the most important and very attractive price.

The Hayasa 38-HA Meat Grinder

The meat grinder with a capacity of 38-HA 650W, 1.5 L capacity with fast grind mode helps you to process materials easily and quickly. The unit is a compact design with a stainless steel blade sharp help you perform tasks such as grinding meat, vegetables, egg, cream, sauces made in seconds.

With hand-held meat grinder, the preparation of raw materials when cooking will become easier and save time.

That is a good brand we introduce to you about this kind of product. You can consider and then choose good product for your family.

With a capacity of 650W and two sharp blades, the machine can grind the meat, vegetables, egg, cream, sauces made in seconds and fed to the baby. In particular, the machine can mill freeze food in the refrigerator.

Material body made of pure plastic, ensuring health safety for long-term use, 2 stainless steel blade sharp and durable. In addition, glass blender is easy to clean and can be used in the microwave. The parts of the machine can be easily removed and sanitation. The machine is 12 months warranty.

Usage Tips After Using Meat Grinder

The sized meat cutting fingers and then put into the machine. Each blender for about 200- 300 g only such meat will grind faster and more finely. You do not dry the nuts, and vegetables in general with meat grinder if the manual is not allowed. Cleaning after use and store in a dry place.

I am Adrew G Hopkins who is the founder of kitchentoolsclub.com. I founded this website to share everything related to the kitchen. On this website you will find the highest-rated kitchen tools out in the market. Visiting my site will help you purchase the best quality kitchenware without putting in much effort to search for them. So let’s have a tour!
Thank you!!

What Should We Do To Cook Better?

Using spices in a wrong way, your food will delicious. But many people are wrong with this process. From that the spicy isn’t effectively. So, in this article, we will help you the way to add spicy in food effectively. And then you will give many delicious food for all the member in your family.

If you are a homemaker family you should know some tips to make delicious fried dishes, perfect or important notes to ensure safety in the kitchen, a lot of useful work in your everyday kitchen thick.

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The Best Notes For You To Add Spicy In Food

Spices play an important role in making delicious dishes. All food need to have spices. But how to add spices in food. Now we will help you with this problem. Some reasonable ways to add spicy in food we want introduce to you.

For Salt

Depending on each dish you can pour salt before or during cooking. If you want to get the meat with flavor without being reduced sweetness of the meat, you can add salt to marinate before cooking.


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Something To Know About Spicy You Should Know

As a chef, you have to know how to spice tasting how reasonable. Use spices to add flavor and aroma to dishes created not merely “just entered is to be” the soup to the appropriate cooking time because there are long boil spices will lose quality, even moving the toxins.

Here are a few notes when learning to cook with some popular spices. We will introduce to you some way to add spicy in food. You can read and then practice it normally. And then you will have many delicious dishes.

Depending on the salty dish that food before or during cooking. If required tasty meat, not reduced sweetness of the meat, so the salt front.

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How To Give Spicy In Food Effectively

Spices are indispensable in cooking, spices can say is the “soul” of the dish. Food wanted to taste delicious typical cooking, the right to know how spicy.

Not only is the food delicious, but you’ll also be able to reduce risk if used the wrong way spice. So add spicy in food in a right way is so important. And now we will share you some experiences when cooking.

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Using Spicy In A Right Way And Make Sure The Health For Your Family

Spicy is an important part in cooking, it increases the flavor to many dishes. But to know how to use properly, the new MSG promote its features would otherwise be harmful to health. So how to use the new MSG right? Refer to article MSG used properly to protect the health of your family.

The Pepper

So to spend on food when cooked as if to pepper before cooking will easily create carcinogens. Remember offline and carefully.


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