Get These 10 Best Baking Tools For Beginners Now

You really like eating cakes and want to bake your own? However, you are not sure what baking tools to buy. Is it worth buying the best hand mixer? Congratulations, you find the right place! Today we will introduce some indispensable baking tools for beginners which are very handy and affordable.

Baking Oven:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Baking Oven

Most cakes need to be baked in the oven so you should prepare an oven for your kitchen. Currently, the market has many types of oven at various price ranges. You can choose the one suitable for your need and budget.

Whatever brand it is, a good oven needs to have at least three factors:

  • The minimum capacity is about 30L (but with big cakes like baguette, you should choose the oven with a capacity of 42 50L)
  • There is enough heat on top and bottom side
  • You can adjust the temperature, time and temperature regime.

Tools For Mixing:

Whisk, handheld electric mixer or stand mixer are indispensable tools for creating delicious cakes.

  • Whisk: It is the cheapest kind among the three; however, you will need a lot of energy to mix eggs, and cream or liquid powder until good enough.
  • Handheld electric mixer: This is the recommended tool for baking cake as it is affordable and effective.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tools For Mixing cake when make cake

  • Stand mixer: If you are not tight on your budget, you can buy yourself a stand mixer with a large capacity (which can mix flour too).

The Instruments Of Measurement:

Set Of Measuring By Teaspoon Or Tablespoon Unit:

As baking is considered science, each ingredient in the formula must be weighed accurately. You must be familiar with terms like “teaspoon” or “tablespoon”. Today, the units of teaspoon / tablespoon / cup are standardized worldwide so a set of measuring spoons or cups are indispensable tools when you are just beginning to learn baking.

You should buy the whole set of tools made of high-qualified plastic or metal material because sometimes you will need to measure heated material.


Buy a small scale that has a weight of about 1 3 kg. It is best to invest in an electronic scale that can measure ingredients accurately.

Cake Pan:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cake pan

Removable Insole Round Pan:

For an oven with a capacity of 35L, you need a pan that has a diameter of 20 cm. With smaller ovens, it is fine to select a pan of 16cm or 18cm in diameter.

You should buy a removable insole pan to get the cake easier.

Rectangular Pan:

This type of pan seems less common in recipes; however, its applicability is extremely high. Besides rectangular cakes, you can use this to make rolls cakes and cookies. It is versatile and cost-saving saving so it is very suitable for the beginners!

* Small Tip: Before buying, measure inside the oven (width and depth) to select the appropriate size pan.

Cupcake, Muffin Cake Pan:

You should use the 6-cup type with a diameter of 7 cm. For cupcakes, you should also use 6-cup types with a diameter of 5cm.

Insulated Gloves:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Insulated Gloves

Choose a well-insulated pair of gloves is also a way to ensure safety while cooking. It is preferred to choose thick gloves whose length can cover up as high as possible.

Cream Bags:

You can decorate with cream bag very easy. It is recommended to use one-time use cream bags.

Wilton Tip:

For beginners, you can use basic shapes tip to decorate your cake.


This simple tool helps you mix the ingredients better. Choose one made of metal material.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho american flag roll cake

For rolling dough when making cookies and bread, you should choose a wooden roller that is about 30cm long and 2.5cm in diameter to hold in both hands.

Bowl To Mix The Ingredients:

– You should have at least a bowl to mix ingredients. Shiny metal bowls can cross your mind but beginners can take advantage of your big kitchen bowl or cooking pots to save costs, but remember to clean them before using.

Above is the list of 10 indispensable tools for baking beginners. Don’t hesitate, and immediately prepare this kit to produce your own delicious cake!!!

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