How To Choose The Best Milk Frother For Home Use?


Don’t you just love starting your day with a nice cup of coffee? There is a growing trend for coffee lovers to make their own coffee at home rather. One of the essential equipment for homemade coffee is the milk frother, which is used for making the creamy, tasty topping you normally see on coffee cups. By getting yourself the best milk frother, you can enhance the coffee flavor greatly. Here are factors you should consider in buying milk frother.


Electric Milk Frother

This is the most popular type of milk frother in the market. In terms of look, it is quite similar to a small blender or food processor.  The device can automatically froth and steam milk, so it works with both cold milk and hold milk. All of the types available, this one can froth the largest quantity of milk with the best froth quality in a time so you can serve multiple cups of coffee at one.

Using an electric milk frother is very easy and safe. You just need to choose steaming or frothing option, select the temperature setting, and then press the start button. The device tends to be very durable and comes with washable parts, making cleaning a breeze to do.

Of course, it is more expensive than other types of milk frother. It can create some noise during operation too.

Handheld Milk Frother

This one is also known as a motorized whisk, which is powered by battery. With this device, you can produce good froth quality, though it is up to the type of milk you use and your technique. As a result, the froth quality is less consistent. You always need to be around during the frothing process, using one hand to hold the whisk and the other hand to hold the milk jug.

Take note that this device cannot steam the milk so you need to heat up milk in advance. It is suitable for producing frothed milk for one cup of coffee or two at a time. It is a more affordable option compared to the electric milk frother.

Hand-pump Milk Frother

This one is similar to a French press. It requires absolutely no power or battery to operate and it works manually. One advantage of this type of milk frother is that it is inexpensive. While it is easy to use and clean up, it takes more effort to produce froth and the froth quality/texture is likely not as good. It can only produce a limited quantity of froth for 1-2 coffee cups.


How fast the device can froth milk for you? Speed does count, especially you are in a hurry to make coffee for your guests for to make a drink for yourself before going to work.  Frothing milk too quickly is not recommended because there will be insufficient time for air to be introduced to the milk.

Temperature Control

Temperature is crucial for froth quality. If the temperature is too high, the milk will be burnt, leaving bad taste in your mouth. With handheld and ham-pump milk frother, you need a thermometer to make sure the temperature is right. On the other hand, you can choose one setting or all three settings of cold, hot and warm with an electric milk frother.

Froth Quality

The best froth quality with smooth texture and consistency is created by the milk frother. The other two types can also produce good froth quality.

Ease Of Cleaning

Generally, all of these devices are easy to clean. The jugs are mostly dishwasher safe.

Choice Of Milk

Theoretically, you can use any type of milk for frothing with a handheld or hand-pump milk frother. In case of an electric frother, you are recommended to stay away from soy and rice milk.

In the end, what exactly is the best milk frother you need? It should meet your requirement from froth amount and froth quality. If you are just a casual coffee lover, an inexpensive handheld or hand-pump model is probably your best choice. However, for the best froth outcome, you should opt for an electric milk frother instead: it is highly durable and convenient to use.