How To Purchase Tefal-AW9500 Air Fryer Effectively For Newcomers

Currently on the market, there have a variety of air fryer along with numerous designs and style coming from different producers to meet the demands of the users. One of the most popular air fryers is Tefal-AW9500 thanks to its functions and compact design. But not everyone knows the technique in using this pot as well as will not buy if you not read this air fryer review. Simply follow this article; you can broaden your knowledge about this useful utensil for cooking to save time and energy without affecting the health of the whole member in your family.

Versatile Air Fryer Without Oil

Tefal AW9500 has electronic screen- France (Made in France). Owning a maximum capacity of 1400W and is equipped with cooking programs preinstalled, this versatile Tefal AW9500 air fryer will be the workhorse to help housewives in the preparation of delicious dishes and family nutrition. It is not just an ordinary electric pot; the surface of the product is covered with ceramic non-stick coating, which can be used as a convenient pan, allowing you to easily perform quick fried dishes with a little cooking oil. With its compact and modern design and functional installation of the cooking time convenient, the versatile Tefal AW9500 air fryer will gives you quick cooking methods, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Product Features


Besides the use of a cooker, Tefal AW9500 is also a handy frying pan. Products will support for fast heat transfer capability and will help food cooked faster. You can optionally install automatic cooking time, which is easy, time-saving, just more comfortable with the safety system voltage of this product.

Intelligent Design

Not only score by minimalist appearance as well as elegance, this product also offers the convenience of allowing you to set the time to cook the food, including the safety lock mode. Products with the ceramic nonstick coating senior will help curb energy use, food restriction, too much lube. Besides, with a versatile Tefal AW9500 air fryer, hygiene products work after your user also becomes quick and easy.

Easy To Use

Tefal AW9500 versatile air fryer has a LCD display to show modern cooking timer. The product is equipped with automatic power down after cooking, to ensure the safety of users, at the same time, it can keep the maturity and the food delicious taste.

Details About Versatile Tefal AW9500 Air Fryer

Tefal AW9500 air fryer has a  modern design, eleganc, which is designed and manufactured from the leading experts in France. Fryer oil with handy functions will make safety for your housework. Products can be called a pot, but it can be both a cooking pot and the fryer – just like you use a pan to fry (very handy), the surface is coated with a ceramic pot secured safety for your family’s health. Pot has a lid, which is clearly designed to help you c easily observe the food inside, along with a compact design and sophistication.

The Main Functions Of Tefal AW9500


Tefal AW9500 versatile air fryer not only helps you cook like an ordinary pot, but it also can cook the soup, porridge, fried foods, and especially pleased to be coated with a ceramic pot against senior stick, so you can fry food without using too much oil, which will help ensure the health of your family.

Creative Design

This air fryer is designed with automatic lid opening; the lid is designed to help you easily observe the food during cooking. In addition, with LCD display, you can observe the cooking time as well as adjust the cooking time accordingly. Also, it can control the temperature (170 ° C) to help preserve the nutritional value of food.

Convenient And Easy To Use

Tefal AW9500 air fryer has detachable parts, which makes it easy in hygiene after cooking. With the pre-installed functions, this cooking pot will automatically stop working to ensure nutrition and food safety for your family. All in all, it is very useful and easy to use.

For your reference, Steve Puu, an experienced chef in a well-known restaurant will give you some tips in cooking. If you want to make delicious taste for the food, simply put your heart and feeling during cooking. Then, the individuals can feel your expectation in the food. As well, remember to choose the high-end quality product coming from the brands with reputation to ensure the longevity for the air fryer.