How To Use Air Fryer Effectively

Besides that particular phobia fried force you to use a large amount of oil to ensure deep fried and tasty dishes should issue cardiovascular disease, obesity…

Related to eating oily fat is inevitable should make the housewives are worried and wistfulness. So there is a product that help you fry food without being afraid, it is Philips air fryer review . Below are some tips we help you choose the best air fryer review.

Usability And User Efficiency Of Air Fryer

Air fryer help you, grilled dishes and tasty now becomes aromatic, fried or grilled with features not used for frying oil that retains delicious flavors of the dish.

The secret of the principles is to take the Air Rapid frying oil or fat of fried foods cooked it, with convection cooling fan hot air put spread panoramic slipped it in the pot, cooked food help without becoming or islands.

The fryer atmosphere there Air fryer food compartmental can help you bake or fry more food at the same time, or different types of food.

Innovative design impressive, holding the cool to the touch and has 2 colors for your option to black and white.

The temperature can be adjusted

Full temperature control can adjust the frying pan allows you to preset the best cooking temperature for your food up to 200 degrees. Enjoy these pieces of fried, golden and shining, snacks, chicken, meat and many other dishes – all of which are prepared in accordance to the correct temperature for best results!

Just 30-Minute Timer

Built-in timer allows you to set the frying pan before cooking time up to 30 minutes. Off function automatically include audio indicator “ready”.

Integrated air filter

Integrated air filter prevents odors and fumes when cooking, and keep your kitchen fresh and clean.

Safe for use with dishwasher

Removable drawer and food basket with anti-stick coating and washable in the dishwasher.

Rapid Air Technology

Rapid Air technology is patented inventions air fryer allows you to process the most delicious fried dishes contain less fat and 80% compared to conventional frying pan! Unique design combines hot air circulated rapidly and the grill allows you to fry many kinds of delicious fried food, snacks, chicken, meat and many other delicious dishes quickly and easily. Do you simply fry frying pot with air and generate low odor, and slightly more compared to traditional frying pot, easy to clean, and safe, as well as saving to use everyday!

Cooking Book

Air-fryer accompanied by cookbook compiled expert cooking, including recipes easy to prepare delicious dishes for 30, and has included tips and advice processing. Treat you and your family with chicken nugget dish, fish cakes, tapas, quiche and many other homemade dishes. With air fryer, you can make delicious dishes to feast with health benefits!

Advanced technology, ease of use

The vacuum fryer grill I55 modern owns Rapid Air technology, not only cooked foods quickly, keep the taste delicious, eye-catching colors, but also fell more than 80% of its refined oil surplus . Besides, you can also easily control, selection and processing pot timer operated via the controls on the camera body work to help cook convenient and easier.

It Is Versatile, Safe

The air fryer integrated processing ways different fried foods grilled with each separate temperature levels can help users create many different dishes such as fries, baked sweet potatoes, barbecue, popcorn or heating food. In particular, food container enamel coated nonstick help food from sticking to the pot, convenient in cleaning, preservation and health safety for the user.

Compact design, luxurious

The vacuum fryer has compact size enables users to easily move and placed in many different areas. In addition, ownership of the new rounded contours, colors, elegant, beauty products contribute more to your kitchen.

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