List Of The Most Useful Experience To Buy The Non Stick Pan

Non-stick pan is the perfect choice for those who restrict fat in the dish. Besides, this type of pan is very easy to clean. Today we would like to invite you to consult the following share of to buy the best egg pan as well as the most qualified non-stick pan.

Tricks To Choose The Non–Stick Egg Pan

Consider The Weight

Heavy weight pans heat and keep the pan hotter than the lightweight. However, when cooking, the pan slightly lost grip strength. However, if you can bear the weight of the pan, then spend the higher amount to buy the pan with heavy weights to ensure its stability.


Metal pans are reliable and safe for the user’s health. Common metals-stick pan is made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and cast aluminum. Durable aluminum pans are easy to clean and cheaper than the conventional pans. However, if there is no one good sticks coating when used for a long time or at high temperatures, the food can absorb metals. Stainless steel pan conduct heat well, lightweight easy to use, you note coating choose good products for health safety.

Stick Coating

Marble stick coating has high hardness, less scratches, heat resistance, thermal conductivity fast, lightweight, thermal distribution, but its prices are relatively high.

Top Of The Best Non- Stick Pan On The Market Now

Sun House SBD24 Stone Pan

The product is designed with 24 cm in diameter based on the compact design. The stone pan is made from the cast aluminum alloy materials, marble surfaces antimicrobial government.

Pan is used for the gas stove, kitchen-infrared, and it cannot be used for induction cooker.

Pan From Sun House SHM28

Here are some specifications of the pan

  • Aluminum pans
  • Class-stick Teflon
  • Diameter: 28 cm
  • Used for kitchen from
  • Luxury as well as handy models

SBD24 Sun House Pan

This non- stick pan line is designed with 2 mm thickness, heat dissipation, and the relatively good Thermostats. Diameter of the pan is about 24 cm, which is really suitable for frying chicken leg, frying egg, as well as the whole fish with less than 1 kg. With the medium size, the pan is compact, as well as offers the high space-saving for the kitchen. The surface of the pan is non-stick coated durable granite, antibacterial, ensuring food safety. Body of the pan is coated with the aluminum alloy heat dissipation granite. Bottom of the pan is beautifully designed, patterned circle slippery reduced during use. Thermoplastic coated handles, designed with hook, tied to the pan itself, to ensure safety for users. It is said that the Sun house SDB24 stone pan is used for the gas stove, infrared and kitchen unusable for induction cooker.

Tips For Using Non-Stick Pans Effectively

  • Non-stick pan with a lot of advantages such as less cooking oil, easy to clean, fast heating, heat evenly, safety for the user’s health. Do you want to maintain the benefits of non-stick pan? Take these tips to use nonstick pans safely and effectively below
  • After purchasing the pan, please clean the pans with dishwashing liquid, boil over the pan to help eliminate odors and extend the life of the pan.
  • Avoid using large pans in the fire.
  • After use, wait for the pan to cool before making the hygiene. After cleaning, wipe completely dry and store parts water pan into a cool place.

Clean-Stick Pan Newly Purchased Before Use

New non-stick pan on your purchase should clean with water and dishwashing liquid. When shopping-stick pan with non-stick coating any, you should rinse with clean water to wash dishes the dirt, adhesive layer of paper manuals, referral product or packaging outside.

Then you knew light scanning a surface layer of coffee powder with non-stick coating and place on the stove to heat, then wait a few minutes and rinse off kitchen-stick pan. Doing so, you will deodorize new paint-stick pan, helps increase reliability and convenient clean up after cooking.

Non-Stick Pan Heat Before Processing

You have a habit of heating the pan before processing? Should the users abandon this habit even when using non-stick pans? By external non-stick pan coated with electrostatic paint often, anti-oxidants, this outer layer easy cleaning effect also helps faster-stick pan.

When you give the oil, water and food to the non-stick pan is too hot an “abrupt” so then stick coating inside-stick pan will quickly peeling, peeling, damaged. When non-stick pan is hot, you absolutely do not pour the fish sauce, salt in; the coating will be pitted up quickly, damaging applesauce. Do not use cooking utensils made of metal. Please use wooden patch to reverse fried food.