Something To Know About Spicy You Should Know

As a chef, you have to know how to spice tasting how reasonable. Use spices to add flavor and aroma to dishes created not merely “just entered is to be” the soup to the appropriate cooking time because there are long boil spices will lose quality, even moving the toxins.

Here are a few notes when learning to cook with some popular spices. We will introduce to you some way to add spicy in food. You can read and then practice it normally. And then you will have many delicious dishes.

Depending on the salty dish that food before or during cooking. If required tasty meat, not reduced sweetness of the meat, so the salt front.

There are many kind of spices you can add for food. But you should choose based on the characteristic of each spicy to give suitable food.

Fish Sauce

Sauce with special taste, so it should not boil long. With the soup for sauce on the right and then north. With crab soup, should pick up the soup off the stove before you to preserve protein seasoning in the sauce.


As for sugar in baked or fried foods, dishes are very flammable, burning. Therefore, when chilled, so for less sugar. If you want more sweet-tasting dishes, make sauces or spreads partial to honey when nearly cooked dishes. When cooking with sugar, avoid dry foods, prone to sticking and burning dish bottom.

Sugar helps enhance the flavor of fried foods, baked. However, you should only use a small amount, because the road can easily be burning dish. Fire Street also brings bitterness to the dish.


If the pepper before cooking food, pepper easily turn into cancer-causing toxins. Therefore, it’s best to sprinkle pepper when cooked food.

 White Wine

Some dishes, one or alcohol to remove smell and create a special fragrance. When cooking, do not end once the wine into a dish that should only half, the rest for the next while nearly nine new food.

There are tasks you do every day, but not necessarily effective, if not understand the secret of the job. Cooking is an example, especially during the holidays, New Year, everyone wants to own hands to prepare a delicious meal for the whole family or guests.

Onions, garlic, sugar, salt, pepper … are very familiar spices in Vietnam cuisine. Use spices properly make the dish more delicious and nutritious, less toxic, protect your health.

Cooking oil is an indispensable component of most of the dishes. However, remember if the oil is too hot, over 200 degrees will create a harmful gas is acrolein, which creates a large amount of peroxide can cause cancer. Overheating oil also lose nutrients of food. So, with the fried dishes, to feed into the hot oil just begins.


Monosodium glutamate (seasoning) should only wedge when food has nearly finished processing. If the mix, should dissolve and new MSG into the mix. If MSG seasoning in hot water too soon, MSG will create your identity, not even good for health.

Fish Sauce

Fish sauce left a superb taste, but only when the food seasoning is nearing completion, because of the sauce prone position change when cooked long in high temperature, in addition to protein and vitamins in the water fish are also prone to loss if long cooking on the stove.


Soy sauce or soy sauce also bring different flavors to dishes, but also as sauce, not so long cooking at a high temperature to keep the nutrients and do not change the taste.

No need new curry powder used. Marinate meat (pork, beef, chicken, duck) with a little curry will taste more tasty dishes appealing.

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