The Best Notes For You To Add Spicy In Food

Spices play an important role in making delicious dishes. All food need to have spices. But how to add spices in food. Now we will help you with this problem. Some reasonable ways to add spicy in food we want introduce to you.

For Salt

Depending on each dish you can pour salt before or during cooking. If you want to get the meat with flavor without being reduced sweetness of the meat, you can add salt to marinate before cooking.

For stir-fries, you should pour salt on the oil, wait about 1 minute and then stir-fry food. This approach will help us eliminate toxins majority of salt there. For cooked dishes, you should add salt to the boiling water from the beginning to the salad, boiled tubers get attractive blue swallowing.

For the soup, season with salt should broth has boiled. Wedge reasonable way of cooking sugar

How To Add Reasonable Spicy

For inventory items, you should marinate food in the leach lines and goal lines with boiling water before the warehouse. You should remember sugary foods are vulnerable to burning, so you should boil low heat and not to dish dried up. For the soup to wedge the road, it’s best to wedge the water has boiled and cooked food is going to be.


Most of the dishes are needed to MSG to add flavor. However, when heated to high temperatures, MSG can be toxic to the user. Therefore it’s best to MSG seasoning as food was nearly finished processing and reduced heat.

Separate the mix, salad, salad should have MSG should be dissolved prior to the sauce or water and then poured into offline. Limit foods with MSG marinated before processing as it will make the dish slightly bitter taste and not good for health.

For Vinegar

The most appropriate time for the vinegar in food processing is at the start or when processing is complete at the moment rather than for processing; Just to add a bit of vinegar, our dishes will be assured of nutrients and food to help enhance the attractiveness; Particularly sweet and sour dishes should add vinegar to the cooked food after such delicious dishes will be much more.

Fish Sauce

For the soup, soup or porridge, a little seasoning sauce you when food is cooked and remove from the heat immediately otherwise the dish will lose nutrients, and loss of appetite sour;

For best results, marinate foods with sauce before processing less than 30 minutes, if you take too long chilled food is also very vulnerable, “ê” recipe appetite. Case for the food dishes to marinate long as baking, broiling, do not marinate the fish sauce offline.


For gossip mill: It is best for the pepper on the cooked food, if you entered before pepper will turn into toxins are not good for your health somewhere;

Private fresh pepper: Then you should give in at the start of processing the soup, stew, prospective offline.

For Garlic

You should give to foods during the early process has been chopped, but do not use too much because this is a strong smell of spices and hot properties, it would lose the distinct aroma of the dish and a negative impact on health;

For stir-fries, you should give garlic on medium heat to the oil for food aroma.

For Paprika

You should give to the onions when hot oil to generate attractive colors for food; You can also use paprika to marinate foods when prepared;

For Seasoning

Characteristics of seasoning is “meat smell” so you should use the wedge to marinate food particles as primary processing into food and for the processing;

You should not for seasoning after cooked food as seasoning is easy to blocking effects, dissolves slowly and made sick by food flavored seasoning meat odor generated jog.

Some Way To Add Butter Ensure The Processing Of Health

For butter-fried dishes such as frogs, chickens, fish, butter battle, you just fried food browned and buttered them up when food has just finished processing the hot breath steaming, heat from the food will cause melting butter flow and absorbed, blended into the dish, making the food appealing aromatic flavor.

Good luck to you.

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