The Best Subtract For You About Dehydrator

The best food dehydrator is quite popular devices currently used by the rapid drying of foods. In addition to food drying oven also has many uses other dried. The information below will help you understand more about food oven.

The food we eat every day there are many different ways of processing, but to preserve the long many people have chosen the form of dried food. But the food is dried but on color and taste remains the same. In particular nutrient content always guaranteed. With oven drying your food is absolutely no need for additional additives such as conventional production process, this helps ensure food safety and hygiene.

The Design Of Dehydrator

The dehydrator is designed with a variety of designs suitable for businesses or individuals. The dehydrator is made of stainless steel so it’s safe during the drying process, the trays are easily removable to facilitate to clean. Additionally, the entire remote control system is safe for the user.

Drying equipment is familiar to many food oven drying may be all kinds of other products such as dried herbs, dried fruits … However, to ensure consistent temperature manufacturers still recommend that we should use suitable drying temperature for each product. This product helps the drying is not affected too much during drying.

Food dryer to help you dry processing delicious dishes of meat, vegetables, fruit at home, keep the nutrients, toxic preservatives.

Some Famous Brands For This Product

On the market there are many types of food dryers, round or rectangular shape, with brands as Zelmer, Makxim USA, NESCO, SINBO … made in China, Poland, from four-nine trays ranked.

The machine has compact design, hard plastic body, capable of drying a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, nuts, meat, shrimp. The majority of machine-transparent plastic tray for easy monitoring when drying products, separate trays for drying convenience foods at the same time and also easy to clean.

Food wanted to first dried sliced steadily, not too thick. To form shells or cluster of fruits such as oranges, grapes, the small cup. Before drying, should handle fruits, food by poaches through hot water, salt water, helps to clean and keep food color, helps to stop metabolism of substances in food and disable ferment.

In addition, the blanching foods will cause the amount of water in the food to evaporate faster. Then, put food on trays, not superimposed coupling location to create heat and ventilation openings. Finally put the lid on, turn it on, adjust the temperature and capacity on demand, the machine will automatically dried food until the water completely separated but remain sugar, fiber and vitamins. For good dryer, food should not exceed 3/4 rating surface height trays and tray 1/4.

The Temperatures To Dry Food

Basically, the food dryers are the same, only a few differences such as temperature controllers, power and timer. With older machines, the temperature adjustment knob with conventional engine, adjust the temperature in the range of 400 to 700 C. Particularly newer machines, the temperature can be adjusted using buttons.

With 500W power the machine, there are two 250W or 500W level adjusted according to need drying. Some machines also have the self-timer up to 36 hours, with busy people, should choose to buy a machine with a timer to not be forgotten, burnt food drying.

There machine is equipped with thermal overload protection, when the temperature increases, the heating elements will automatically shut down and the fan remains active, the heating element work again when the temperature drops to normal. So, before you buy your food dryer, to note the differences to choose the appropriate product demand, increased utility when used.

Due to the low temperature dryer to dry for a long time, lasting at least six hours, sometimes up to 36 hours, depending on drying time desired dryness, if desired moisture dried food, the shorter drying time hard drying.

With this product, the work of preserving food is effective. You wont anxious about the problem of food that is spoil.

I am Daniel Thorn, a cook in a restaurant and i need the importance of preserving food to each family or in restaurant. This product is so necessary and need to have in each family. Because it helps our keep food for a long time without being anxious about the problem of spoiling. And from that, you will save much money in buying food and fruits.Good luck to you.