The Best Tips For You After Using Meat Grinder

On the market today, there are many kinds of meat grinder for you to choose. A meat grinder including parts: lid, bowl containing the same substrate with rotating blades. Blades are the most important parts decide to 30% of the aircraft price. You should investors choose a meat grinder with blades made of stainless titanum and abrasion resistant bowl. Besides, for meat should ensure made of high quality plastic cover.

To choose a good meat grinder in family isn’t easy. You should consider some features and then choose the best meat grinder in your family.

The Capacity Of A Meat Grinder

Choose machines with an output of 400 W or more to process plant operators and meat was pureed smooth over but the machine has large capacity also means higher prices.

The Size Of A Meat Grinder

Choose to buy a machine with compact size and fit the needs of your family. Do not choose too big and bulky machines so will make your kitchen look cramped housing and sanitation work will take more time.

Sausage function: This is interesting functions and is used to cater for the baby of your family. The majority of blender always have this function. So if you choose to buy sausage grinder specialist department should choose hardy, persisting for assured long-term use.

Minced meat, ground meat is very easy to combine with other foods to create attractive dishes, delicious. But between the shopping chaos, cooking, kids, how was this time the meat hash? That the chopper markets often mixed with other meats and uncertainty, not to mention the risk of contamination is very high. So shopping is only a meat grinder

Meat grinder on the market is quite diverse, mostly second hand meat grinder line and an electric meat grinder. Meat grinder by hand crank to mobilize resources to run and blade screw, cheaper, family-friendly chopper needs not too big and not frequently used. Products drawback is no high safety especially in families with small children, in fact a lot of accidents happen from this machine.

The electric meat grinder with greater safety, more convenient, but more expensive than manually grind line. However, this is the choice of many housewives.

In the segment of electric meat grinder, the product family is used more versatile meat grinder, grind accompanied by functional foods, such as fruits, vegetables, easy to use and clean born. You remember that, for all kinds of family meat grinder, the electrical power consumption of 400W or more, so it is more efficient to use.

We would like to share with you homemaker those most meat grinder handy, easy to clean is the most important and very attractive price.

The Hayasa 38-HA Meat Grinder

The meat grinder with a capacity of 38-HA 650W, 1.5 L capacity with fast grind mode helps you to process materials easily and quickly. The unit is a compact design with a stainless steel blade sharp help you perform tasks such as grinding meat, vegetables, egg, cream, sauces made in seconds.

With hand-held meat grinder, the preparation of raw materials when cooking will become easier and save time.

That is a good brand we introduce to you about this kind of product. You can consider and then choose good product for your family.

With a capacity of 650W and two sharp blades, the machine can grind the meat, vegetables, egg, cream, sauces made in seconds and fed to the baby. In particular, the machine can mill freeze food in the refrigerator.

Material body made of pure plastic, ensuring health safety for long-term use, 2 stainless steel blade sharp and durable. In addition, glass blender is easy to clean and can be used in the microwave. The parts of the machine can be easily removed and sanitation. The machine is 12 months warranty.

Usage Tips After Using Meat Grinder

The sized meat cutting fingers and then put into the machine. Each blender for about 200- 300 g only such meat will grind faster and more finely. You do not dry the nuts, and vegetables in general with meat grinder if the manual is not allowed. Cleaning after use and store in a dry place.

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