Things You Need To Know When Using Philip HD 9220 Air Fryer

As can be easily seen, when using the frying pan to cook shrimp, it may absorb the certain amount of cooking oil, which may make you worried about the health problems. Therefore, the creation of air fryer will support you a lot to eat more healthy food without affecting too much to your health.

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Operating Principle

As relating to the air fryer, we can’t help mentioning the Philips HD 9229, which can be considered as one of the best cook in the kitchen appliances.

In terms of operation mechanism, this appliance uses the Rapid Air technology to cook the food through the air being heated up to 200 200 degrees C, and then rotates rapidly and strongly to all over the surface of the food via a side mounted propeller in the air fryer.

From that, the food can be cooked within 10-15 minutes. With the capacity of 1425W, it enables the pot to deeply cook all kinds of food, even the original pieces of thick grilled chicken in the fat oil pot.

Benefits For Health

During the food processing, the amount of cooking oil used for frying food is quite much at all, if the oil is not submerged, the crispy food will not be delicious, which may cause to waste the oil and gas to cook the food.

When you want to make the delicious fired chicken, often the thigh pieces of chicken with original form, with the conventional frying pan, they must cut the chicken into the small pieces to be quickly cooked and not runny inside the chicken.

As you will be more worried about the health problems when eating the fried chicken or fried shrimp, if you use the air fryer, it will help you more comfortable when eating the favorite foods without worrying the weight gain or be stuck with the aged diseases such as fat blood, obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Processing A Variety Of Foods

In addition to making the fried food such as fried chicken, spring rolls, nem chua fried, fries, shrimp coated with flour, the air fryer can utilize to grill sandwich, crispy biscuits, dry the food as dried jackfruit , dried coconut, dried fruit, peanuts, roasted sesame, roasted chestnuts in anywhere and anytime with just press one button.

Helping More Convenient Cooking

Thanks to the evenly cooked ability of the hot air stream, the air fryer can be used to make any utensils without using the direct heat materials like the cooking oil or sand, and it does not need to flip or split the food to ripen faster compared to the frying pan. The food will be cooked in the form of its natural ingredients, so the materials processed by the air fryer can keep the best nutrition or naturally delicious taste.

It takes for granted that we do not need to discuss about the usability of the air fryer, you just need to clean the food, then put them into the tray and press the timer button of fried cook to suit different kinds of materials. After a few times, you will become more familiar to make the right decision when setting the time for exact duration of every fried dish.

You will no longer wait to determine the time-baked anymore; instead, you can make use of this time to process other food. This benefit is specially necessary to help you save effort and time when you have to make a lot of dishes for the dining party, or hearty meal for the Tet holiday.

One more things you should note is the hygiene for the pot. The cleaning the tray after finishing cooking will become easier as you do not use the cooking oil to make the fried dishes. Besides, the design of the baking pan with the non-strict frying coating inside will help you to remove easily and clean gently. Even, this tray can be also put into the dishwasher.

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