What Should We Do To Cook Better?

Using spices in a wrong way, your food will delicious. But many people are wrong with this process. From that the spicy isn’t effectively. So, in this article, we will help you the way to add spicy in food effectively. And then you will give many delicious food for all the member in your family.

If you are a homemaker family you should know some tips to make delicious fried dishes, perfect or important notes to ensure safety in the kitchen, a lot of useful work in your everyday kitchen thick.

Extreme food tasting way standard, who also commended delicious food. As a chef, you have to know how to spice tasting how reasonable. Use spices to add flavor and aroma to dishes created not merely “just entered is to be” the soup to the appropriate cooking time because there are long boil spices will lose quality, even moving the toxins.

Cooking school with a reasonably seasoned and depend on each spicy and then add them in suitable food.

Here are a few notes when learning to cook with some popular spices. You can consult and do it with your cooking. We hope can provide to you useful knowledge help you have delicious dishes for your family.

Here are some tips on seasoned health reasonable assurance that women can refer to the processing applied in everyday dishes to ensure your meal with a delicious, attractive and ensure power health for the whole family. Wish you successful application and homemaker always resourceful, ingenuity of the whole family.

Fish Sauce

Sauce with special taste, so it should not boil long. With the soup for sauce on the right and then north. With crab soup, should pick up the soup off the stove before you to preserve protein seasoning in the sauce.


Spices sauce are not to boil on the stove too long. When you make soup for sauce off the kitchen preparing light, even crab soup seasoning time should have turned off the kitchen to ensure the protein in fish sauce.


As for sugar in baked or fried foods, dishes are very flammable, burning. Therefore, when chilled, so for less sugar. If you want more sweet-tasting dishes, make sauces or spreads partial to honey when nearly cooked dishes. When cooking with sugar, avoid dry foods, prone to sticking and burning dish bottom.

Wine or ginger to remove the smell of fish; basil, mint leaves for beef fragrances…

Sugar, salt, pepper, garlic … are very familiar spices in your kitchen, but you do not always used correctly. Here are the chef’s share help you cook better.

So to spend on food when cooked as if to pepper before cooking will easily create carcinogens. Remember offline and carefully.

When frying or baking dish do you always give in less sugar for the food will be easier burning. If you want a sweeter dish, then mixed with water or smear honey over sugar as close to nine dishes. Avoid dry dishes when cooking for fire-prone and food-adhesive bottom



To add a little dish with paprika color it is a suitable option. Paprika flavor not too pungent as fresh peppers so will not affect the quality of the dish.

Being resourceful homemaker, you must know how to tasting food that is right and fair. Cooking is not simply cooked and seasoned, but must depend on food for a reasonable time tasting because of the long cooking spice if it will lose quality and can become toxic to the user . Today culinary clubs would share articles reveal how the standard tasting food that everyone likes to cook your food.


Depending on which dishes to suit seasoning salt. If the meat is marinated and then cooked in salt, sweetness of the meat will not be reduced. When bone soup with a tiny bone tunnel should then salted. With fried dishes are different you should give a little salt on the oil for food and then cook. This will help to eliminate 95% of aflatoxin in salt.

Above are some information about normal spicy in your family to add in food. You need to know and then do it every day.

Good luck to you.

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